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Installation of elevators

Since 1999, the branch was established in Germany and the company's activities were expanded to activities related to the installation and maintenance of transport systems:

  • electrical and hydraulic lifts for the transport of persons, disabled persons, vehicles, cargo and the like
  • parking systems
  • escalators
  • special freight elevators for industry and trade
  • special equipment for loading and unloading aircraft
  • elevators for loading, unloading, handling, transport and storage of industrial, commercial, airports, etc.

The company's activity in this area is based on a large experience, which ther employees have gathered in their long and very successful work in the area of ​​Germany as well as on the Croatian market.

As part of these activities very good business relations with the following companies were founded:

OTIS GmbH ​ (strategic partner)​
Aufzugsdienst Leis GmbH
FUJITEC Aufzüge GmbH
Schmidt Aufzüge Medebach GmbH (incl. SAM)
DAT Deutsche Aufzugstechnik GmbH (incl. A&H Aufzüge, Hütter Aufzüge, HUGO Zeitvogel)
Thoma Aufzüge GmbH
GWH Aufzüge GmbH
Rieser Aufzugbau GmbH
Rangger Aufzüge
TAD Aufzüge
Thyssenkrupp Elevator AG 

Based on all those companies, with which we have a very good and successful business relationship for years, we are able to meet all your needs with regarding the installation of elevators, escalators and transport facilities.

Our installers have completed a first class education in the field of installation of elevators and are highly qualified installers of lifts, mechanics and electricians.

Many of the leading installers have 10- to 20-years of experience in the installation, modernization and maintenance of the transportation systems.

We are also there for all your needs in the field of installation of new, modernization of existing, regular maintenance and repair of elevators, escalators, parking systems, special freight elevators for use in industry, trade, storage cater.